ClayLab Detroit's Pewabic Love Affair: A Letter of Gratitude

Being tapped by Pewabic Pottery for their exclusive Featured Artists gallery is something you dream about in art school. And I did. We took field trips with mine, Detroit's own College for Creative Studies. I walked the buttery tiled floors and admired the pieces from artists around the country, never realizing that one day I would join them and stay faithful to this esteemed gallery within my favorite city's walls for over 8 years.

Bringing new ClayLab Detroit work into Pewabic was a great feeling. Everyone always seemed so excited to see me, tearing into the boxes and gasping over the work with the sweetest of compliments. Many employees treasured and purchased my work, and that more than anything. It felt amazing. I really got a big boost of inspiration after every visit.

To know that ceramic aficionados from the world over would find your work in an incredibly prominent area of this place made me warm with pride. Every year, every event, I was more honored to be where I was within the exhibitions (usually a prime location - thank you, Christina!!!). I was overjoyed that my work was so well received in such an important place. I was honored that the gallery manager held a piece of mine in a special place in her home. Pewabic has given me life in many ways over the years.

Pewabic inspired me to do better every time, to fine-tune my craft to the level it is today. And knowing that I have been a Pewabic contributor with my art all of these years will keep me pushing myself to be the best artist I can be for years to come.

As I spread my wings and expand that vision into a larger presence within our beloved city with additional retail presence and architectural work in and around Detroit, I will always try to have some work for sale at Pewabic; though my pieces will no longer hold exclusivity there, a bit of my heart and soul will always be with Pewabic Pottery and the wonderful people who have supported me as some of my greatest champions. I owe you so much. I will never forget that.

All my love,

Carrie Armstrong Reid

ClayLab Detroit

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