ON THE ROCKS: An exhibition of vessels for & related to drinking

I've always been a fan of ceramic artist Pete Pinnell, and I'm pretty ecstatic to have been chosen from 500 applicants to be in this exhibition at Pewabic. Having made cups and drinking vessels one of the biggest focuses in my work for many years, I jumped at the opportunity to be in the company of others who do the same. And Pewabic was home to my work for a very long time (they still have a few trinkets here and there in the main retail gallery, leftovers from when I sold exclusively through their Jefferson location).

Cups and mugs are favorite vessels for me to make because of their intimacy, both in making and using. Drinking vessels are very personal, and I like that. I also like to challenge myself in making cups that are unique, unusual, funny, elaborate, fancy or a mix of two or more of those things. I'd like to think that my work is successful there. I hope that people treat my cups as special, but not so special that they just sit on shelves in homage. I enjoy most when they are used :)

Be sure to check out what should be a very interesting show at Pewabic - the opening night is January 19, from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Stop by and say hello!


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